Equipment Sale
Rules and Bid Process
1. There are NO warranties implied.
2. All Equipment is "as is, where is".
3. The following items must be removed or defaced before possession of equipment will be allowed:
All QC Identification
Any People Net or PrePass devices
All License and Permits
4. Equipment can be viewed at the listed location. Please contact the location at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
5. Bids MUST be entered before the Bid Close Time indicated on the Equipment Review screen
This will be a blind bid, so closing date and time will be the same for all units
You may increase your bid anytime before the closing date and time
7. There will be no Proxy Bids
8. Current high bid function will be deactivated, so you need to bid accordingly
9. Bids will be reviewed and accepted Bids will be advised within 2 weeks
10. Bill of Sale will be emailed to prospective buyer
11. Bill of Sale MUST be signed and returned within 1 week of receipt
12. Payment shall be made via Certified Check or Wired Funds within one week of Bill of Sale being signed.
If copies of titles are requested, payment is due 5 business days after copies are supplied.
13. Specialty Equipment on units might be required to be removed. If that is the case, QC will do so. Items such as, but not limited to (blowers, Alum Hose Racks and HydraChems). Your bids should not take these items into consideration when bidding.
All Bids MUST be submitted via the "Save Your Bid" Button on the Unit Information screen