Founded in 1995. We are committed to providing Owner Operators/Independent Contractors with affordable software to assist them in the management of their business. We combine over 30 years of real life transportation experience with 15 years of computer knowledge to produce a quality product. We are located in Delaware County in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Our first program "SuperTrucker 2" was written at the request of then Central Transport owner operator, Mr. Dan Coley. Dan asked for a small spreadsheet he could use on his daughter's computer to track his revenue and expenses. The more we put together for him the more he wanted until "SuperTrucker 2" was born. THANKS Dan!

"SuperTrucker 2" named after two old-time truckers Charles "Buzz" White and his brother Ed White. Many a family gathering would be livened up by the tall tales of these two SuperTruckers trying to outdo the other with their stories.

As the internet grew, we developed this website and with that gained knowledge, we built a web page to honor the 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division. Other web pages followed and we are extremely grateful to those who chose to use MacD CompuPros as their web page developer.

1998 MacD CompuPros

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