Eulogy for Troopers of the 2/17th Cav

Rendered at Vietnam Memorial, 8/15/1998 (30-Year Reunion)

You came from everywhere USA. You were young, with your life still ahead of you.

You came from every walk of life. Shared was your pride in being a paratrooper in the 101st Abn Div, and a cavalryman of the 2/17th Cav..

You never slacked. Always moving foward to engage the enemy. Always foward. True to our motto..

You didnít have much to offer - being so young, but you gave everything you had - which was your life - your future..

We are saddened that you didnít have family around you when you passed on. As much as weíd like to, we couldnít make up for that. .

You died a world away, in a field or in a village unknown to your family, on a day they didnít even realize was your last. Was it rainy or sunny that day? Was it day or night?.

Back then, we didnít have time to honor you. There was always another village just up the road, and another battle to be fought the next day. .

Today we take time, to especially remember you, and to honor you as you deserve, troopers of the 2/17th Cav..

May God bless and hold each of you.